Success Stories

Success Stories

Many treatments for varicose veins relieve symptoms without curing the venous disease that causes varicose veins, spider veins and leg ulcers. At AVTCC, the knowledgeable staff work with you to determine the best treatment plan needed to eliminate unsightly varicose veins for good. After a medical exam, an ultrasound to identify your specific condition and one quick, painless outpatient treatment, your symptoms begin to disappear in just two to three days. In fact, most return to work the next day.

  • Denean's success story

    For sufferers like Denean Campe of Momence, the unsightliness of her varicose veins had taken a backseat to the chronic pain they were causing. For Campe, a 40-year old mother of three, the pain she was experiencing in her right leg was starting to become a daily misery that had begun to impact her life.

    Campe, who works as a x-ray technician, is on her feet throughout her entire day. At the end of her shift, Campe said her veins would knot and her leg would throb and feel so heavy she had difficulty walking.

    Dr. Safvi, who treated Campe's condition, said there are several reasons veins in our legs lose their effectiveness and develop into varicose veins. The most common, however, just may be something that is beyond our control.

    Campe, who is a small-framed active woman, experienced varicose veins in her last two pregnancies. She says her condition got so bad she had to wear compression stockings on a daily basis for pain relief, especially during her last pregnancy. Doctors will often prescribe these special stockings because they help stimulate circulation, which helps deter blood from moving backwards from the heart.

    "My leg feels so great, and it looks so much better. I'd do it all over again," Campe says. "After the procedure, compliance is a huge factor in your recovery. You have to wear the stockings and exercise." Not a problem for Campe who walks over five miles per day. And she was so satisfied with her results she's going to have her left leg done later this fall.

  •        Laura Ayala's Success Story

  • Laura Ayala, 39, of Oak Forest had heredity working against her where her legs were concerned. Ayala says she developed the veins condition in her early twenties and after having two children, the condition worsened. "I experienced a [chronic] burning sensation on the front of both my legs. It seemed like each year my veins grew more and more to look like a road map," she jokes. An avid exerciser as well as having a physically demanding job as a massage therapist, Ayala knew she had to seek treatment to alleviate her discomfort both physically and in appearance. She sought the advice of Dr. Safvi for getting the most effective treatment possible.          
  • Ayala says both the procedure and Dr. Safvi have been a godsend to her. "When you have varicose veins, you've got to do your research and find a highly trained medical doctor who will thoroughly answer all your questions," she advises.

        Florence Eckl's Success Story


"Dear Dr. Safvi, thank you so much for your treatments for my varicose veins. I wanted to send this note to let you know how pleased I am with the results. I have no bulging veins on my left leg now, and my right leg is fine too. Now I have no more pain from my varicose veins and I do not need to wear my heavy support hose anymore. I now can walk at least 30 minutes everyday pain free, thanks to your treatments. "

            Diane I.'s, Success Story
 I had a great experience with Dr. Safvi and his staff. The office made reminder calls the day before my vein treatment. I have had to cancel and reschedule appointments twice and there has never been a problem. My legs look better than they have looked in years.
            Mike M.'s Success Story 
Dr Safvi removed my skin tags a few weeks ago. I was in no pain and he took his time to make sure I was comfortable the whole time. Very nice experience at Advanced Treatment. Thank you for your great service.

            Flor P.'s Success Story
My name is Flor Pinto I just received my treatment for varicose veins appromiximately four weeks ago. After my treatment I can feel a great benefit. Being able to stand at work all day has been tolerable. The appearance on my legs are absolutely amazing. I can see the 100% change in my daily activities. My treatment at Advanced Veins Treatment & Cosmetic Center has changed my life drastically. I highy recommend coming to see Dr. Safvi.
Thank you!
          Celia Zizumbo's Success Story
I had a wonderful experoence at Advanced Vein Treatment and Cosmetic Center. Their customer service was impeccable. starting with the receptionist was very curteous and accommodating to my schedule needs. The medical assistant was very helpful and patient with me. Dr. Safvi is such a nice and patient doctor. I have never met a doctor that has taken his time to explain and educate me on a procedure. Usually doctors are rude and come in and out of the exam room. I was told before by friends and family members that the procedure is severe and made it out to seem as if its a horrific treatment. I had the Endovenous Laser Ablasion done at Dr. Safvi's Palos Heights office. It went so smooth and was less then an hour I finshed all my treatments including the spider vein treatments. My legs are not ugly anymore. I recommend everyone who needs treatment to come to see Dr. Amjad Safvi, MD. Not to mention when it came to insurance his manager took her time to explain my portion towards the treatment. What was even more wonderful is that they have payment plans for this procedure because let's be honest insurance companies only cover a certain percentage and we have a deductible to meet. Not to brag but they are an awesome staff. Trust me he has my leg picture if you don't believe me...
             Tracy Stake's Success Story

I went to Dr. Safvi for laser lipo. I am 52 years old and i gained quite a bit of belly fat  from menopause. You do not need general anesthesia for the procedure and it is doen right in the office. It is six weeks later and I lost fifteen pounds of belly fat and I went down three sizes. I am extremely pleased with the results that I got from Dr. Safvi and his staff. 


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