Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

Traditional diagnosis and treatment of diseases often prove damaging to a patient, but interventional radiology, often abbreviated as IR, uses minimally invasive methods to accomplish better results than most traditional methods. A sub-specialty of radiology, interventional radiology takes advantage of modern technology by allowing a radiologist to diagnose and treat an issue in the body by using image-guided procedures, including x-rays, cat scans, ultrasound, as well as MRI’s. After collecting images from these various machines, the radiologist uses the images to direct a series of instruments through the body. The instruments (generally catheters or needles) offer a much less invasive approach than traditional surgery.

Why Choose Interventional Radiology?

If you are a patient looking for a treatment method with less risks and the potential for better results, contact Advanced Treatment Center about interventional radiology. In recent years, many researchers have discovered that patients who choose alternative treatment methods to surgery actually heal quicker and require less down time. Whether you’re dealing with varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, or other vein issues, interventional radiology can speed up your recover time and make treatment more comfortable. With traditional surgery, you’ll be facing a longer recovery time and more discomfort.

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If you’d like to take advantage of modern medicine and discover a solution to the condition you’re facing, our interventional radiology can help. Interventional radiology is a safer, more effective alternative to traditional surgery and can actually save you money. Don’t wait another minute. Contact the experts at Advanced Treatment Center today. We promise you won’t regret the decision to choose interventional radiology. If you’d like more information on the subject of interventional radiology, search the literature available online and contact us if you have questions.

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