We all know at least one person who comes to mind when someone wistfully mentions beautiful, thick eyelashes. But what if that one person were you? There is a way to naturally enhance your own eyelashes to promote thicker, longer, and darker lashes and it’s as simple as dabbing some liquid along your eye and blinking.

Approved by the FDA in December 2008, Latisse® has been growing in popularity among those who seek fuller, longer eyelashes. The drug was developed by the well-known pharmaceutical company, Allergan, who also developed BOTOX®. Interestingly, the eye drop was originally created to treat glaucoma, a condition that eventually causes vision loss, but when eye doctors and their patients began to notice the fuller, thicker eyelash side effect, it became clear that they’d unwittingly discovered another market for the product. Thick, long, full eyelashes have long been coveted by both sexes for the allure and general glow of healthiness they give to the human face.

To date, numerous celebrities such as Claire Danes and Christina Hendricks have endorsed Latisse, but before offering it as one of our regular services, we studied it ourselves. Fortunately, our discoveries were positive and we are proud to offer Latisse to qualifying clients.

Who is Latisse best suited for?

The best candidates for Latisse are women and men with sparse, thin eyelashes. Taken regularly over a period of several weeks, clinical studies found that lashes darkened, thickened, and became longer. Latisse is applied by dabbing it on the upper lash once before bed each night, using the included sterile applicators. The simple application allows the drug to spread to your lower lash line as you blink, and it’s easy to incorporate into your bedtime ritual.

Talk to our professional team to see if Latisse is a good option for you. They are available to answer all your questions.

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Dr. Safvi received his medical degree from the University of Illinois, School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Northwestern University, becoming Board Certified in Interventional Radiology and Phlebology.


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