Radiesse® is a synthetic filler ideally suited for patients seeking to smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. These natural, age-related lines do not have to become a permanent aspect of your appearance if you don’t want them to! Smile lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, begone! Additionally, Radiesse can be used for correcting volume loss in the back of the hands.

How it works

Radiesse is comprised of Calcium Hydroxlapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. This composition is injected and provides immediate volume and correction, meaning that results can be seen at once. An additional benefit to this procedure is that the treatments continue to work behind the scenes, stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen, meaning that your body and the filler work together to give you the revitalized appearance you deserve. Over time, the gel from the injection is absorbed by the body, but this occurs over the period of about a year.

Why Radiesse?

While there are different pros and cons to different fillers, Radiesse is ideally suited for those looking for immediate and long-lasting results. Increased volume can be seen immediately following a treatment and the procedure consistently yields high patient satisfaction. Furthermore, Radiesse is also FDA approved to treat oral and maxillofacial defects (defects of the head and neck), vocal cord deficiencies, and for treatment of facial lipoatrophy (facial wasting) in patients with HIV.

Top candidates for Radiesse treatment

Patients showing obvious signs of facial aging will likely find Radiesse to be a natural revitalizer, as the treatment is targeted specifically for those seeking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment can also be used as an alternative to implant surgery, as it has the ability to enhance a patient’s nose, cheeks, or chin. For a fully personalized idea of what Radiesse can do for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our professional care team.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Safvi received his medical degree from the University of Illinois, School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Northwestern University, becoming Board Certified in Interventional Radiology and Phlebology.


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