Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

After receiving a treatment for your veins, it’s standard procedure for our Center to require patients to wear compression stockings in order to provide external support to vein walls.

The compression stockings help to minimize pain and swelling after vein procedures, as well as encourage a speedy and full recovery. The tight-fitting compression sock applies pressure to the veins and tissue, improving the venous return flow and reducing swelling and discoloration. Compression stockings are an important aid in medical therapies but we also recommend them as a preventative measure for our patients who are most at-risk for developing varicose or spider veins, such as women and men who work in an occupation that requires a lot of standing or even long periods of sitting. Compression socks are considered a preventative measure because they encourage the rigidity of the vein wall, and a weakened vein wall is one of the leading contributors to varicose and spider veins. Standing for extended periods of time, meanwhile, means that the veins in the lower body are working overtime to pump blood back up to the heart so it can be recirculated throughout the body, which wears on the vein valves and walls and contributes to weakened veins. Weakened vein valves and walls then contribute to the formation of varicose and spider veins and the entire host of complications those conditions bring with them.

Our compression stockings are available in different colors, so be sure to ask about your options. Recovery time should feel AND look good.

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Dr. Safvi received his medical degree from the University of Illinois, School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Northwestern University, becoming Board Certified in Interventional Radiology and Phlebology.


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